projext | Bundling made simple

projext | Bundling made simple

WTF is this?

This tool uses webpack and Rollup under the hood in order to bundle your project. The advantage here is that projext is way easier to configure and it does all it can to try and understand your project, so you don't have to write any configuration at all.

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projext doesn't aim to replace webpack nor Rollup, it's just an easier way to use them for simple projects.

Besides abstracting the configurations, projext can also take care of "frameworks recipes", for example: for a React application, you know you need @babel/preset-react and configure the hot loader on webpack... well, there's a plugin that uses projext API to do all that without you having to do anything.

Now, projext packages are organized in 4 different layers:

  • 1

    Configurations/Core: This is the projext package, the one that defines your project's targets configurations for the build engines and Babel.

  • 2

    Build engines: These are the plugins that use the configurations for specific build engines, like projext-plugin-webpack for webpack.

  • 3

    Frameworks: These are the recipes for specific build engines, like projext-plugin-webpack-aurelia for Aurelia with webpack.

  • 4

    Plugins: Extra functionality, like projex-plugin-runner to run Node projects on production.

Build engines & frameworks

These are the ones currently supported (and one currently being worked on) and the link to their packages.


These are some of the main features you can get out of the box.

Docs & Samples

  • This is the documentation generated from the code, there’s no better place to understand the magic

  • There’s a sample project or target for almost every feature, what are you waiting for?